Into the Night

I wrote this tune a few months ago, but it got its full expression in the first weeks of the pandemic. I was trying to write something that would calm me–and hopefully others as well.

Sunset – Wellington, New Zealand
Into the Night – Piano, Strings, Nights Sounds


Lent and Eastertide are evocative for me. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals during Lent. Suffering. Bodily suffering. It does help you grow–that suffering. It’s the slow dawning and profound realization that you are not in any way in control. There is nothing you can do when you are profoundly ill–but submit to the way things are. All of those beliefs that you have, beliefs that say you can control things through the power of your actions and mind, fall away. Even the mundane aspects of caring for your body go away–the animal actions. Medications are dosed directly to your blood, catheters siphon away your urine, and you cease to defecate. There is no chewing, no swallowing, only receiving and hoping that the universal lineage of what has come before leans in the direction of life–your life. Whatever you believe from reincarnation to resurrection, to sorcery, to scientific realism, the control is gone, and you are alone, passive, wondering what it’s going to be–life or death?

It’s that loneliness that strikes me this Easter. The loneliness of death, the loneliness of rebirth. The complete loneliness of the human condition. I consider all of those alone and dying during this pandemic. Not with their loved ones, maybe with a stranger holding their hands, perhaps unconscious, connected to a machine designed to save them. They are hoping for some kind of resuscitation or resurrection that is out of their hands.

Finding the Road and Starting the Walk

I’ve been skirting around my spiritual life in my spare time. I’ve gone to churches and temples of all sorts. I’ve been thoroughly blessed and initiated into many paths. There are many stories there that I hope to tell as time goes on. But, eventually, you have to pick a path and stay on it if you want to get any distance. I choose the way of the dharma because it seems the easiest to trod. Well, not the easiest, but the truest for me. I’ve been sitting for almost 25 years, so I’ve started to dig that well. Now, I will begin to study in earnest and see where that takes me. I’ve participated in many meditation and yoga retreats in the last 20 years, and I try to sit daily. I probably succeed 3/4 of the time. I’ve read many books. So my practice is somewhat developed. Now I am going to study to learn to teach, speak, and write about the dharma. It’s a little scary, but it’s comforting to know that I can write about my journey here, and now, at the very beginning, no one is paying attention. I am out in the open yet alone.

That’s a good feeling.

From Mad to Mettā

Take the road to Mettā

Everyone needs to chill out every now and then. Someone annoyed you at work. You don’t think you love your partner or children anymore. It happens to all of us. Minutes and intent can bring you back to the loving part of yourself. I hope this helps this 6-minute meditation helps pull you back from the edge.

We Have to Live on Faith

Our lives are short and progress proceeds slowly. The outcome of the intersection of these truths is that it is difficult for individuals to be content being a middle station in the assembly line of progress. We all want to be the one to drive the machine in or out the door. We all want to be the revolutionary or treaty signer. Sometimes we invent causes when there is no need and avoid preventive measures because they provide no drama, produce no loud bangs or eloquently worded archival documents. Most of us just have to be content to take care and do good in our own lifetimes- just on faith. We must believe that our individual, seemingly insignificant acts of goodness will accumulate with others and mean something in the end. We have to live on faith.[

Good Morning

I wrote this melody in 2012. I got busy after then but took some time this year to give it a little arrangement. I am hoping that writing music with the intent of calming me down, will calm me down. We’ll see. This one is good getting up in the morning tune that pulls up your energy and gets you out of bed. Good Morning.

We Are Wild

the bony skull of a fish against a dark background

I have seen and read a lot in my life. And what I have learned is simple. We speak too much. We act with little forethought, cooperation, or purpose. We augment and invent without considering the implications–without fully understanding. We are wild, we human beings. We are as wild as it gets. Wilder than the most savage beast of the deepest undiscovered jungles, wilder and stranger than the deep-sea creatures. We are more volatile than exploding stars. More terrible, even, than the awful myths of our own creation.