Into the Night

I wrote this tune a few months ago, but it got its full expression in the first weeks of the pandemic. I was trying to write something that would calm me–and hopefully others as well.

Sunset – Wellington, New Zealand
Into the Night – Piano, Strings, Nights Sounds

From Mad to Mettā

Take the road to Mettā

Everyone needs to chill out every now and then. Someone annoyed you at work. You don’t think you love your partner or children anymore. It happens to all of us. Minutes and intent can bring you back to the loving part of yourself. I hope this helps this 6-minute meditation helps pull you back from the edge.

Good Morning

I wrote this melody in 2012. I got busy after then but took some time this year to give it a little arrangement. I am hoping that writing music with the intent of calming me down, will calm me down. We’ll see. This one is good getting up in the morning tune that pulls up your energy and gets you out of bed. Good Morning.